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Midwest Mini Mods

The Midwest Mini Mods Swingarm

The Midwest Mini Mods Swingarm

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All swingarms being sold are now V3.  This newest version has all sides of the arms machined for more finished look and we updated the shock brace to a solid, one-piece design.  Photos are not updated yet, pics shown are V2

   Custom designed , CNC machined aluminum swingarm upgrade for the Razor SX500 and MX500/650 made right here in Minnesota. This offers roughly a 3in extension from stock swingarm length, it also includes adjusted shock placement, and ability to adjust the rear wheel so there is no need for a chain tensioner! Brake adapter is stock razor size. Updates on V2 include a much more robust brake adapter design, bearings in the swingarm as well as support notches to hold the shock mount incredibly secure in place during all types of riding!  We offer 3 versions.  With our available qs90 and qs 120 mounts, get rid of the my1020 heat issues!  Beware, the qs120 with 200 line amps is almost uncontrollable.  We have the qs90 on many bikes and reach speeds over 60 and have not had any heat issues so far. 

  Please note we have only fully tested this swing arm on the SX500 with 260 and 280mm shock. You will need a full size shock that we offer or are available elsewhere like amazon and eBay.  Please make sure you have a shock that has an m10 hole. We have found the weight to be around a 500 pound spring for riders under 100 pounds, a 700-850 spring for riders around 100-200 pounds. And get a 1000-1200 pound spring for riders over 200. We offer spring rate adjustment tools with our shocks also.   VERY IMPORTANT---Make sure to use thread lock on all bolts that do not have a nut on them!


** The base plate pictured is only included with swing arms ordered for a QS90 or QS120, the FW11 and MY1020 kits do not require this base plate.**

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Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews

The quality of this swing arm is by far from cheap, just amazing I love the fact that this not a add-on into the factory swingarm by razor which ive always hated. Just wow thanks MMM for making this.

Donald Cole
Swing arm

Great quality!!! Awesome product. Love it!

Bob Magi
super nice setup

this swingarm is so far beyond the extensions by other companies. the upgrade to a full sized shock and getting the ability to adjust your wheel (aka your chain) solves the tensioner issue and makes the bike feel so comfortable. Being able to flip the swingarm around and run the brake and chain on either side is a nice bonus, and it looks super clean. Brake adapter is good but I figure the competition has good brake adapters too. Definitely recommend this, it's quickly become my favorite bike mod. (RoD forks, 280mm shock by midwest, hotpaxx throttle and display, MC Motoparts pegs, CMD Demers adapters, lots of fun mods)

Roijin emerson Gopez

Nice swingarm!


Awesome.. only complaint is having to figure out my own kickstand situation but still recommend 10/10